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The Notebook

Of the Elite

Mia, Ally, Cat, Tink
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This is a silly little thing started by four obsessive fangirls- though all obsessed with different things- when they were wee little eighth graders. They would pass around a Notebook, in which there were challenges, surveys, notes, etc. (The "elite" part comes from some gym class episode during which Tink was not present, thus rendering it dumb. It is, however, tolerable, and thus it stays.) Now that one of them attends a private school and thus cannot physically write in the Notebook, the smartest of its members, Tink, decided to move the Notebook here. (She is not in any way cocky.) As this is for these four crazy girls, all other requests for membership will be ignored unless we all agree to let you join. Tink, however, having seized control of the notebook, can technically override the input of the others if she so chooses. She won't, though. She's good like that.


(The other three are Ally, Mia, and Cat, in case you were wondering.)