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And first entry goes to moi! Meowhahahahaha. Anyway, just a couple of form rules- whoever is posting should type her name in the subject line, just 'cause it eliminates that whole omb-there's-supposed-to-be-a-subject-what-do-I-TYPE? thing that might very well just be another ditzy Tink thing but hey you never know. Anyway. Whoever has the Physical Notebook- which we will not use if we keep this, yes?- should email me with what's in there, so I can post it up here. Or else just email all of us, and each of you post whatever you wrote. We can decide on an order, I s'pose, though I think Ally went first and then Cat, so it could just go Ally, Cat, me, Mia. (Sorry you're last, Mia- it's because no one loves you.) Challenges can be posted by whomever, whenever, so long as you wait until everyone has completed the last challenge. If we're stuck on challenges we can do that in order too, so someone is assigned to create a challenge in order to get stuff going. Be sure your challenges/answers/posts aren't going to offend anyone, though, 'cause remember, I am moderating here. (I have such power. And issues.)

If I get annoying, yell at me. (I'm kidding about the whole I'm-in-charge thing, by the way. It's just fun, pretending I'm controlling this. :-P)

Oh, and always make sure you click the little "rich text" thing at the bottom of the type-space before you start typing, 'cause if you do it afterwards you lose what you already had, and it just doesn't look pretty without it. Also make sure you're posting to the right journal.

And I will pretty this up, or at least as much as I can.

So right now there are three issues: 1) are we even using this thing, 2) can Anna join, and 3) we need to post challenges and responses.


And on a more personal note: I am v. v. busy. I won't bore you with a list of all the things I'm doing, but let's just say it's a lot. Therefore, it might take a couple days or so before stuff is posted. And let's not take this too siriusly, okay? It's not a project or an organization or anything. It's just a dumb little fun thing we're doing. So if we start getting into fights over this or anything, I'm dropping out.


Anyway- get accounts, lovies! Your first post can be off-topic, just a kind of okay-I'm-figuring-this-out-and-oh-I'm-Cat-by-the-way, but after that it is down to business. Because we are DUMB. Yes? Yes.


(See the "music" thing down there or up there or wherever it is? The grammar's all off- the song title's not in quotes and I'm missing my beloved Oxford comma- because it wouldn't all fit. Just so you know.)

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