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I don't like subjects.

Ok, Tink, I've finally got around to posting challenges. And I forgot how to properly post them, so whatever.

300 or more words on a Merry/Pippin fic after Frodo leaves for the Grey Havens. Must include the words "intolerable, chocolate, and consummate." You must also create a drinking song that they sing.

300 words or more on a Eowyn/Faramir romance, set during RotK. Must include "insanity, wicked, and bananas".

300 or more words on a Hermione/Draco/Ron love triangle set during the 6th book. Must include a confrontation between Draco and Ron. Must include "bollucks, pliers, thumbscrews, and squibs."

I may add more later, as I am pressed for time and it is the end of drafting.
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I've got that presidential election project due the 29th and that's taking up a lot of my time. I'll work as hard as I can on it, but is it o.k. if I get it done a little bit after your b-day? Don't worry though, you'll get your Orli calendar (unless you want a Dom one now? lol.)on time!

<3 A