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Challenge #1

Alright, lovies. Now that we all have livejournals, I am assigning our first-of-the-year challenge. It is, I am sure you realize, the month of October. This means, as I am sure Cat and Ally especially realize, there are some birthdays coming up. We also have a Mia-birthday for which to compensate. So, since Miss Tink only has $10 and six other birthdays with which to deal, she has decided to assign:

The Birthday Challenge

Now, lovies, let me explain. In Fanfiction Land we have these wonderful things called ficathons (I posted my assignment about six days ago and no one reviewed it, not even the girl for whom I wrote it, grrrrr), where each person comments with a fic idea they want someone else to write. Then people are assigned to these challenges at random. However, there are only four of us, and only three with birthdays around now. (Mine isn't 'til Maaaarch.... *cries*) So instead of a ficathon, I designed our Birthday Challenge.

What happens is each of you comments with a fic/story/poem you want written. It can be for any fandom, or it can be original. (For example, Cat can request something for her story. Or Ally can say, "I want two male characters who are falling in love and I want Tink to write a story about it," although that's not the correct format so Tink could say "screw you." Not that she would, of course. :-P) Then you comment twice more with two different fics/stories/poems, making sure you assign whomever you want to write it to each one. As soon as someone posts with something she wants you to write, you're free to start. They'll be due the 30th, since that's Cat's birthday.

So here's an example with the correct format:

Request from Tink
Writer: Ally
Length: 300 words (minimum 250, maximum 1000, but the writer can choose to go over the limit if she so wishes)
Fandom: Moulin Rouge
Pairing: Christian/Satine (you can also do male/male, male/female, or female/female if unspecified characters)
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Christian finds a lonely elephant in the woods. Satine wants to take it home.
Restrictions: No other pairings.

Get it, got it, good? Yay. So each of you will do two, and I'll be doing three. Eep.

Also- make sure you request a fandom the author knows, and if you're assigned something you can't do (for instance, Cat gets an NC-17, or Mia gets a G) comment and explain why and we'll see if we can change it. Yes? Yes.

Alright, post!

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I want a challenge!! It's no fair that you give Ally all the challenges!! Make something good for me, ok? I'll try to find a good one for you. *winks*
See response to Ally's comment. (Dolt. :-P)
ARE YOU INSANE?! I AM NOT WRITING ABOUT CHRISTIAN/SATINE/LOST ELEPHANT IN THE WOODS FIC! First of all, you'll probably smack for what I end up writing about *grins evilly* *cough* Christian gets trampled by the elephant *cough*. Second of all...*thinks*...*thinks* it's against my religion! (j/k, Cat told me to write that!)However, I'm willing to compromise. If I do this, you have to write me a fic about ANYTHING I tell you. Keyword: ANYTHING! As in, Orlando Bloom or LOTR or POTC!!! Think it over and reply! Love ya!
You two are idiots! *I* am not assigning challenges, because *my* birthday is not anytime soon. That was an *example*. Say it with me now: ex-amp-le. Very good!
Well, sooorrrrryyyyyy! It's not *my* fault *you* did not explain the challenge well enough. Besides, Cat and I have an excuse. We were reading the post in Mr. Tietz's Fund. Drafting class. I swear, you lose, like, 50 brain cells a day in there, I'm serious. It's not even funny. And also, when it *is* your b-day, just know that I'm not writing that fic for you. Hehehe. Can you help me set up an icon? My computer won't let me save it to the hard drive so I can't download it onto my account. *sobs* It makes me sad. *sniffs*