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Hello fellow Elite! You will be v. glad to know that Ally now has a Livejournal and the challenges may commence. Tink, you can do the honors.
And while we're on the topic of important events, I don't like the HMCG anymore. There is another guy in my class, who we shall label as the HMBG (Hot Marching Band Guy, for those uninitiated) and I have decided that I like him. Actually, I love his hair. *squeaks*
But anyway, moving on. I have a request to make. Can this challenge involve writing something? Not something silly, unless it is LOTR related of course. I'm in a very writing-ish mood. So, anyway, I shall bother Ally to post more, and we shall all be happy. And use the word bloody quite profusely. And such.
Au revior!
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